Custom Logo Design For A Love Coach 
Last Month I was contacted by Angela, a wonderful woman who happens to be a love coach. She's not your ordinary love guru; she's helping women, she empowers them and tells them that they are worth it! 
I'm also helping her set up her blog where she offers coaching to women regarding love, marriage, dating and relationships. Not only that she was kind enough to offer me a test drive on her coaching. And it was incredible; the girl knows what she's talking about. 
She came to me wanting her logo to be designed, and after talking to her, a rough sketch and some revisions we were able to get to the final design. 
Here's what she had to say when she saw her logo — " These (referring to the two variations I showed her in the final draft) look really good, love it!"
I'm thinking she liked my work, as she's hired me again and I'm also working to make blog graphics for her this month! 
Are you looking to get a blog header, logo, infographics, blog graphics, social media templates or a media kit designed? I'm your girl! Feel free to get in touch with me.

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